• Battle Ballz

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Battle Ballz

Battle Ballz is a newly invented game which is a lot of fun. The ultimate objective of the game is to knock the other teams 3 targets. That will end the game. During the game you can eliminate players, by hitting them with the balls by launching them with your cross-stick. 50 points are granted for each target that is hit, and 30 points for eliminated players.

The Game

The game starts by everyone at the back line, and racing to the middle to grab their cross-stick. Returning to their side of the pitch, each player has 5 weighted stress-balls and can hide behind our inflatable bunkers. Players can either aim for the targets or play tactical by eliminating the opponent players. If no-one hits the targets, the game ends by one team eliminating all players. An eliminated player can return to the game if one of their team members, catches a ball thrown by their opponent.

It is down to the players to be tactical and competitive to win the game. Great fun.

When is event available?

7 days a week

Is there a minimum age?

Yes, 10yrs and above.

How do I book this event?

Simple. Get in contact with our event manager charlotte@elshamactivitycentre.co.uk or call us 01652 680 121

What about the weather?

We do recommend some old or waterproof shoes and old clothes.

What about ‘Add on’ events?

When you book this event, ask what other activities are available.

More Info


Equipment list

  • Cross-stick
  • 5 weighted stress balls
  • Protective mask

Bring outdoor shoes.


Contact us for price details.

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