Bazooka Bow

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Bazooka Bow

Bazooka Bow is an exciting combat game that allows players of all ages, all the excitement of paintball and Lasertag and archery, but using specially made 2″ foam balls, fired from a uniquely designed bow.

With three choices of balls available, the game can be based on the standard team elimination, or with the ‘Splat’ balls, turned into a giant water fight.

The game can be played in or outdoors, with a whole range of equipment available to create the ultimate fun arena.

Each player is issued with their team identification, mesh glasses, paintball marker with the Bazooka Bow and 10 Bazooka Balls. After a safety briefing, each team moves to their end of the game zone. Barricades can be the specially designed bunkers from Sup-Air™, or standard obstacles used in paintball or laser tag.

On the whistle, each team will enter the combat zone to try and shoot the opponents target out. If a player is hit by a bazooka ball they are eliminated from the game and they make there way to the side of the zone and re-enter the game from the back of the playing area.

The game is won when the target centre is shot out or all players have been eliminated and are unable to get back into the combat zone.

When is event available?

7 days a week

Is there a minimum age?

Yes, 8yrs and above.

How do I book this event?

Simple. Get in contact with our event manager or call us 01652 680 121

What about the weather?

We do recommend some old or waterproof shoes and old clothes.

What about ‘Add on’ events?

When you book this event, ask what other activities are.

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What do you get?

  • Bazooka fireballs
  • Bazooka Bow
  • Team ID Vest
  • Protective Mask

Book up to 12 people for a 2 hour session for just £149.99

Book up to 20 people for just £220

Extra players pay just £10 per person.

Session Times

1000-1200 1400-1600