• Human Table Football

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Human Table Football

A very popular inflatable sport which is endless fun. Great for parties as everyone will be laughing. It consists of six crossbeams, an inflatable perimeter, two goals and of course the football, the last thing that needs to be added is the players. Players are attached to the giant crossbeams which limits them to side wards movement only.

From there is goes down to mostly luck, but of course skill and strategy goes into the two teams passing the ball between themselves attempting to score.

If there is a large number of players it will be ran as a tournament style, 5 people per side on a team.

When is this event available?

7 days a week, minimum of 10 people required to book. Larger groups will play tournament style.

How do I book this event?

Simple. Get it contact with our event manager charlotte@elshamactivitycentre.co.uk or call us 01652 680 121

What about the weather?

The equipment is waterproof, but may be cancelled from torrential weather.

What about ‘Add on’ events?

When you book this event, ask what other activities are available.

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Minimum of 10 required to play game.

Book for 10 players £150. Extra participants £10 per person.
Book up to 20 players for £200. Extra participants £10 per person.