Football + Pool = FOOTPOOL! Experience the amazing hybrid game at Elsham Activity Centre. Like pool, it’s Spots VS Stripes and your aim is to sink all your balls and then the black first! But instead of it being on a pool table using cues, you are using footballs and your feet instead. It is on a purpose built a 4 metre by 8 metre astroturf arena, with sleepers as the surround and the pockets are dug into the ground. Same rules apply – eg; if you sink the black ball before all your balls are gone, you automatically lose. If you sink one of your opponents balls, your opponent receives 2 free shots, as well as if you sink the white ball. Please note that this activity is not manned so children aged 6-11 must be accompanied by an adult.


£7 per person

Add Footgolf for just £3 per person (Available to add at checkout on booking form)

Or if you’d prefer the Bonzanza Party of Footgolf, Footpool & 5 A-Side Football for just £15 per person for all 3 events.

How do I book this event?

You can now BOOK ONLINE! Simply scroll down to the booking form, pick your date, head to checkout and your booked! If you would prefer to call us to book, please ring 01652 680121.

Is there a minimum group size?

We require 2 players minimum.

When is event available?

All year round, 7 days a week. Please give us a call to check availability.

What is the minimum age?

6 years and above. Please note anyone aged 6-11 must be accompanied by an adult.

What about the weather?

Only extreme, unsafe weather will cancel events. We do recommend some old, outdoor shoes and comfortable clothing.

Can I do more than one activity?

Of course! You can make a full or half day of it if you wanted to. Take a look at our Multi Activity Day page and see which deal suits you best.